Hair Restoration in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration is a cutting-edge aesthetic treatment that offers a solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. This innovative approach harnesses the power of exosomes, NGFs (Nerve Growth Factors), and SylfirmX RF microtechnology to stimulate hair growth, improve hair quality, and restore your confidence. Hair Restoration promotes hair regrowth and strengthens existing hair follicles. It’s a non-surgical procedure that can be applied to different areas on the scalp. Both men and women can benefit from it to combat hair loss.

Hair Restoration treatment can improve hair thickness and texture. The results vary depending on genetics, age, and the extent of hair loss, but many patients can enjoy the benefits of the treatment for a year or longer. This means you can regain your natural, healthy hair and enjoy it for an extended period. If you’re looking to boost your confidence, address hair loss concerns, and recover a youthful appearance, Hair Restoration at Body Revolution Aesthetics & Wellness in Myrtle Beach, SC, could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Don’t wait to take the first step toward revitalizing your hair and self-esteem.

Benefits of Hair Restoration Treatment


Hair Restoration is an ideal choice for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. It is suitable for both men and women who are looking to improve the quality and thickness of their hair.

Most clients expect noticeable improvements within a few months of treatment. However, individual results may vary.

The longevity of results depends on factors such as genetics, age, and the extent of hair loss. Many clients enjoy the benefits for a year or longer.

Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive treatment with minimal to no downtime. Some clients may experience mild, temporary redness or swelling at the treatment site.

Before treatment, it’s essential to follow your provider’s instructions, which may include avoiding certain medications and alcohol. After treatment, you’ll receive post-care instructions to ensure the best results.

During the treatment, exosomes, NGFs, and SylfirmX RF microtechnology will be applied to the targeted areas on the scalp. The procedure is relatively quick and comfortable, and most clients find it well-tolerated.

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